Veggie 101

Veggie 101

I really do admit that I hate eating veggies, but here I am eating lettuce.

For those who are not a fan of vegetables, you can start of with lettuce with your own favorite dip.



Trip to Mt. Samat, Bataan

Trip to Mt. Samat, Bataan

Last October 4,2016, me and my friend from Pilar, Bataan decided to go for a little trip in Mt. Samat. It was fun indeed. It took us 3 hours by walking (average type of walking wherein you just talk and talk some short rests and picture taking in the middle of the road).  Unlike before, people where kinda new or shock or even telling that it’s unusual these days that there are people going to Mt. Samat just by walking, unless it is the yearly pilgrimage. Not because it is too high, but because it is a very accessible for vehicles.

If you are coming from Manila, you could ride the provincial bus namely Genesis or Bataan Transit. Its route should be going to Mariveles then your stop should be at Ala-uli, Pilar Bataan. Your landmarks for it is 711 and the tarpaulin saying welcome to Pilar, and also the Burger Machine which is on the right side. While on the left side would be Caltex. with some food shops like Chocolate Batirol (not sure of the spelling) and the Japan Surplus above it on the driver side. More or less your fare from Manila would not spend more than 300 pesos. Then you could ride a tricycle from highway until to the foot of the mountain. Or you could just contract it until to the top (much more expensive I guess).

There would be an entrance fee before you enter the Mt. Samat Shrine (when you reach the top). If you are a local tourist: 30 pesos. But if you are a foreign tourist: 50 pesos. Though the main tourist attraction which is the top of the cross is still under maintinance. Though you could enjoy the museum and the surroundings. And also the wonderful view of Bataan.

I just notice while we were walking that there are people who don’t give a damn care of our surroundings. I didn’t take a picture of it but as I remembered, there were some food leftovers in one of the park along the road. In which people or tourists just left their trashes on the seats or  at he table. It saddens me because, it just shows that some of us Filipinos really don’t show discipline and love for our nature. I hope that we should start the change within ourselves.

It is more  fun and enjoyable if you could really walk Mt. Samat until you reach the top. You could spend a lot of time bonding with your friends and appreciate the sound of the birds chirping. And the feeling of satisfaction when you reach the top. You would surely enjoy it.


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Empty, Not

Empty, Not

Sometimes, you might feel empty  and out of place deep inside. But fear not, you could find someone or something that could fill it up and regain what is lost. All you have to do is believe, hope, have faith and live your life as best as possible.

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